If this is your first steps in getting a mortgage for your home, there’s a lot of thoughts in your head. There are a lot of chances that you’ll overlook these elements. We’ve completed the hard work, and listed the key factors you need to consider prior to making a choice to apply for a mortgage.

1. Obtain Your Credit Report

This is made easier due to the fact that RBI have made it mandatory that credit bureaus provide their clients a free credit report every year. So, it is recommended that you obtain your credit report and then review your score on your credit. Credit scores of 750 points or higher will be judged to have a good credit score. The reason you should check your credit score prior to when you take on other tasks is that it acts as a report about how good you’re credit standing i.e. your frequency that you’ve had to pay back of credit in the recent.

2. Meeting Eligibility Criteria

The banks have its own eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled by the person applying prior to granting any bajaj finserv personal loan by a bank. Mortgage loans are substantial and banks as well as NBFCs typically are more rigorous and perform due diligence prior to taking the loan. The general guidelines for determining eligibility are

Age Anyone who is a borrower has to be 21 years old and under 60 years of age in order to ensure that the loan is paid back after they retire. Therefore, the length is determined by your age at which you’re eligible to receive the loan.

Salary is contingent on your income, which banks decide on the amount of loans an individual is entitled to. They’ll take into consideration the proportion of income to loan to make sure that the borrower receives 50 percent – 60 percent of their monthly earnings after they’ve paid EMI to pay for his or her expenses for the day.

The company you is employed by: Banks as well as NBFCs are listed below of businesses they believe to be reliable businesses, whose employees will be assured of a secure and safe work. The list is intended to protect lenders.

documents Banks along with NBFCs will scrutinize the documents you provide the banks to be approved, regardless of whether they’re your personal or documents you use to purchase the purchase of your house. Any slight mistake or error can cause the bank to reject the loan application. Therefore, be sure to verify that the documents requested by the lender are accurate.

3. Pay down in advance

The other factor to be prepared is the amount to be paid down. You’ll begin seeking properties once you’ve figured out your budget, and based upon which you’ll choose the most suitable location. The main purpose of this deposit isn’t to make sure that the seller isn’t searching to buy, it’s rather to safeguard the interests of the seller as well as ensure that the buyer won’t be able to reverse the purchase.

Therefore, the down payment might be slightly more expensive due to the price of housing market has become extremely costly. Therefore, you need to be prepared to make the down payment to ensure that you don’t miss out on the home you’ve always dreamed of.

4. Fixed or Floating? Interest Rate dilemma

It is the next thing to do to choose the kind of interest rate. Fixed rates mean that you pay the same EMI for the duration of your credit. The rate does not alter in any way during the duration of the time period of the Personal loan┬áContrarily the variable rate is where the EMI is subject to the economic and market conditions. It’s a good idea to note that your EMI will decrease as you lower the amount of interest. However, when the interest rate rises you’ll be required to spend more.


The acquisition of a home for the first time is an amazing feat yet it is also a scary one because of the huge amount of cash that is involved. Take these suggestions in mind to make sure you go through the buying process of your home without a hitch.