Turkey, with natural beauty, social facilities and business opportunities is not only attracted to the attention of tourists. Every year thousands of people within the scope of Turkish immigration requirements and laws, emigrate to Turkey, or apply for citizenship. The conditions required to get Turkish citizenship are detailed in the relevant legislation. As a summary, Turkish citizenship is acquired by birth and afterwards. Turkish citizenship acquired by birth occurs with the criteria of descent and place of birth.

Children born to a Turkish citizen mother or father in a marriage union or to a Turkish citizen mother, even if they do not have a marriage union, acquire citizenship by birth. According to the criteria birthplace, the children who are born in the borders of Turkey and have certain conditions get Turkish citizenship, even if their parents are not Turkish citizens. Getting Turkish citizenship afterwards can be grouped under headings like adoption or the using of the right to choice as the decision of the competent authority.

Turkish Immigration Requirements

There are some criteria that must be met in order to get Turkish citizenship afterwards with the permission of the competent authority. Generally, getting citizenship occurs based on a residence document. According to this, foreign nationals can apply for Turkish citizenship, provided that residing uninterruptedly for at least 5 years in Turkey before application, proving to desire to settle in Turkey such as buying real estate, business establishment, marriage, having an income and job that will earn a livelihood and fulfil the other criteria determined by the official authorities. The application is examined in detail by the Ministry and the process is concluded affirmatively for foreign nationals who are decided to confer citizenship.

Turkish citizenship afterwards can be acquired exceptionally. These exceptions are limited in the relevant legislation. Investing in real estate worth at least 250.000 USD or to sign a real estate sales promise agreement, and to commit that this real estate will not be sold for at least 3 years, to make a fixed capital investment of at least 500.000 USD, to create employment for at least 50 people, making a deposit of at least 500,000 USD to banks with 3 years or purchasing government debt paper, purchasing a minimum 500,000 USD of venture capital investment fund participation share or real estate investment fund participation share, provided that they keep at least 3 years, are exceptions specified in the legislation.

Expert in its subject Turkish Lawyers

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