Maybe you’ve just received your first traffic citation. Or perhaps, you’ve received one before, but this time, the violation is a bit more complex.

This is where a traffic lawyer can help!

Traffic violations can quickly become complex and challenging to navigate. The complexity of your case will depend on a number of factors – the sort of citation, the severity of the charges, your driving history, your motor vehicle points, the car insurance policy, and more.

So, why should you hire a traffic attorney? Listed below are the major benefits:

1. Traffic laws change with time & location.
Not only do traffic rules change depending where you’re driving, nevertheless they are also a few of the most frequently modified laws.

A traffic attorney will approach your case with an entire, detailed, up-to-date understanding of your local traffic laws. With this knowledge, they will know precisely how to advise you on any traffic violation – no matter how complex.

2. Traffic legal representatives know which evidence will stand in court.
With lots of prior experience contesting traffic tickets, your lawyer already knows the kind of evidence you need to generate a credible case. After all, they’ve trained specifically to find the errors on traffic tickets.

Plus, a traffic legal professional comes equipped with the know-how and resources to obtain access to the mandatory evidence. Without a lawyer’s help, you’ll waste long hours and loads of energy trying to distinguish and gather the proof you need.

And who has time for that? You have a job and tasks of your own.

3. An legal professional can preserve your record.
Well-trained traffic attorneys may even be able to strike the traffic violation from your record. Like that, your name remains clean and your mistake won’t get back to haunt you in the future.

4. You’ll actually SAVE money.
We know very well what you’re thinking…that CAN’T be right, did it?

Yes, you actually will save money when you retain an lawyer for most traffic violations. How does that work?

Oftentimes, a skilled legal professional can convince the district attorney that you will be a superb citizen with a good driving record. The district attorney will then choose to diminish (or eliminate) the penalty amount you’re required to pay (although you may admit you’re at fault).

But, what about lawyer’s fees?

If traffic lawyer expenses were ridiculously high, traffic attorneys wouldn’t exist! Because of their expertise and the nature of the legal procedure, it takes lawyers much less time (and requires a lot less of your budget) to win a traffic violation case than, say, a felony case.

Plus, your increased insurance fees after a conviction will cost you far more than the small expense to hire an attorney.

5. Your traffic legal professional can stand in place of you in court.
Again, we know you have a busy schedule. For all those traffic violations that are simply a hassle, our traffic attorneys will actually go to court FOR you, saving you from at least two court appearances.

6. Local attorneys understand local standards & officials.
Lawyers who have been around town for a while have most likely developed a solid comprehension of local standards and the tendencies of local district attorneys and the officers who write traffic tickets. With this knowledge, they can tailor their argument to emphasize all the most hard-hitting and convincing points.

7. When you represent yourself, you may make things worse.
Frankly, if you don’t study the law incessantly (like we do), you’re unlikely to be able to effectively argue your case. Even if you think the district attorney will forgive your violation only when they knew why you were speeding or why you ran that red light, such explanations aren’t true legal defenses and can not help you reduce your penalties.

When is it CRITICAL to hire a traffic lawyers fayetteville NC?
In some situations, hiring a traffic legal professional is absolutely necessary. If you find yourself in one of the following situations, reach out to your team.

● You’ve committed a significant traffic violation.
The larger and more serious the offense, more suitable your need for a traffic law expert. Major traffic violations include:

Driving with a suspended or invalid license
Speed racing
Reckless driving
Using a vehicle to commit a felony
Fleeing law enforcement
Hit and run
Vehicular manslaughter or assault with a car.
(Many of these will also qualify as misdemeanors or felonies. In these cases, hiring an legal professional is crucial.)

● You are a commercial driver.
Commercial drivers – such as bus and truck drivers – are bound under stricter driving laws than the average driver. As a commercial driver, if you commit certain traffic violations, your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) may be suspended or revoked. In such cases, a traffic attorney is your best chance of keeping your job.

● You have a bad driving record.
The cleaner your driving record, the simpler it can be to defend your case in court. But if you have a complex history of traffic violations, the district legal professional is less inclined to be lenient together with you.

And your license may even be suspended! Winning or losing your case against a traffic ticket could mean the difference between a license suspension and driving freedom.

At the end of the day, having a traffic legal professional on your side will greatly increase your likelihood of winning your case – from a speeding ticket to a reckless driving incident.

However, you can rest assured our team will be honest with you and let you know if you can handle the citation on your own.

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